Berkswell Parish Council runs some services and we are very keen to hear from residents about things that we can improve or concerns residents may have.

Many issues that will impact people in the day to day lives are not the responsibility of the parish council. Normally it is far better to contact the right person directly in the right organisation.

The parish council is very happy to be “copied in” on complaints to third parties on major issues of general community concern. Individual parish councillors will often help on such major issues and the parish council can formally involve itself and discuss an issue at its meeting but such meetings normally take place only every month or two months.

Below we have listed key contacts for various issues that might occur and about which you might wish to complain or have a concern.

Berkswell Parish Council

Our Contact Details

You can contact the Parish Council using the following details:


The Parish Clerk (Richard Wilson)
PO Box 6379

Tel: 07801 042623

Grant Applications

Council will only normally consider grant applications in June and November each year except for nominal amounts or in exceptional circumstances, to ensure fairness to all applicants irrespective of the timing of grant applications. If you wish to apply to the Parish Council for a grant please see the Council’s Grant Policy and application form below:

Grant Awarding Policy – September 2021

Parish Council Complaints Procedure

It is hoped that all of the services that the Council provides will be undertaken in a manner that meets with residents satisfaction. If any resident has any concerns or suggestions it is probably best that they contact a Councillor or the Parish Clerk to make an informal suggestion or discuss the issue. Residents can also come to a Parish Council meeting, the dates and locations of which are published on our web site and can address the Council during the “public session”. It is all very informal and Councillors welcome comments from the public.

However, for more serious issues, a member of the public might wish to make a formal complaint. This Policy explains how you should do that and how your complaint will be handled.

Complaints Policy

Complaints to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) Council is responsible for the delivery of almost all day-to-day public services in our area. Given below are the key contacts for various issues. When contacting Solihull Council, it is best to include “evidence” of the issue. Normally that involves simply sending them a photo together with the location of the problem.

In addition to these “official routes to complain” Berkswell Parish sits within the Meriden Ward of Solihull Council and there are three ward Borough Councillors for our Ward. You can find their contact details on this link by selecting “Meriden” in the ward drop down box. You will be shown 3 councillors’ photos. Click on any one of them and you will find their contact details.

Road and Highway Flooding

Pot Holes in Roads/Uneven Pavements

Vegetation Blocking Pavements, Roads or Sightlines

Litter and Overflowing Bins (not fly tipping)

Fly tipping

Lavender Hall Park

Public Footpaths

Planning Issues

Any planning infringement issues should be reported to SMBC by following this link Planning and Building Control enforcement

SMBC Planning & Building Enforcement Contact Details

Any infringement issues can be reported to Solihull MBC by following this link Planning and Building Control enforcement

Complaints to Other Key Bodies

HS2 Limited

If you wish to report an incident or make a complaint to HS2 ltd please follow the following advice

How to report incidents or complaints about HS2 Ltd

Water and Sewerage Issues

Severn Trent are responsible for mains water and sewage in our parish. Issues such as burst water mains, sewage overflow should be reported directly to them. You can find the process for that here

Other Contact Details

Local Jobcentre

Find your nearest jobcentre office via the following link

Nearby Dental Clinics

Find nearby dental clinics  via the following link

Nearby Pharmacies

Find nearby pharmacies via the following link