Solihull Climate Action (SCA) is a group formed in early 2021 with the assistance of Friends of the Earth. They wish to grow its numbers to gain representation across Solihull so they may raise awareness of climate change and encourage residents to get involved and make changes. Small behaviour change from many people can make a huge difference for the future of the Earth and there’s no better time than now with COP26 Glasgow leading the way.

To date SCA have responded in depth to Solihull’s Net Zero Action Plan and continue to engage with its development. SCA have also created an online presence on Facebook and Instagram to highlight what we can do for climate change.

SCA asked Berkswell Parish Council to help raise the awareness of the group to our community. SCA meet via Zoom on the first Tuesday in the month from 7.00pm. Interested residents can contact SCA via email at solihullclimateaction@gmail, through messenger on Facebook or direct message on Instagram.