Berkswell Village Traffic calming project

Berkswell village has suffered from the excess speed of traffic for many years putting at risk the safety of visitors (particularly school children) and residents alike. The parish council sponsored a master plan to improve the situation in 2016 and contracted ARUP to develop such a plan. The ARUP recommendations were incorporated within the Parish NDP and adopted as the basis for change by Solihull Council. Funding was approved by the West Midlands Road Safety Fund in 2020.  Worl commenced in 2021 and will be completed by August 2021.

Click here for ARUP recommendations

Click here for design that formed the basis for the current works

Balsall Common Centre speed

Following from the infrastructure survey and a follow up working group established by Berkswell and Balsall PCs, a request has been made by our ward Borough Councillors to SMBC Highways that the speed limit on the Station Road shopping area is reduced to 20 mph. We understand that this request will be considered as part of a Borough wide series of requests late in 2021.