Working Group

The purpose of the working group is to enable the Council to respond quickly and appropriately to consultations and planning applications arising from the construction of the HS2 rail line.

See below for a list of documentation associated with this project (PDF files unless otherwise stated):

Terms of Reference for the HS2 working group


2nd November 2018

Notes of meeting with HS2

HS2 Presentation

31st January 2019

HS2 Haul Route down Hallmeadow Road – minutes of meeting

18th March 2021

BBV meeting with Berkswell & Balsall Parish Councillors

27th April 2021

BBV meeting with Berkswell & Balsall Parish Councillors

20th May 2021

BBV Presentation on Balsall Common Transport Routes

10th June 2021

BBV meeting with Berkswell & Balsall Parish Councillors

1 September 2021

Council submission to the Planning Inspectorate supporting the SMBC decision not to grant planning permission for a transport route for HS2 lorries through Balsall Common and down Kelsey/Waste/Hodgetts/Truggist Lanes

Council submission to the Planning Inspectorate Ref: APP/HS2/17

13th Octber 2021

A meeting of the 3 ward (Borough) councillors with planning officials and HS2 Ltd and BBV was held on 13th October 2021 to further exchange information and views on HS2 construction lorry haul routes within Balsall Common.  Three parish councillors from Berkswell and Balsall PC were invited to this socially distanced meeting.  The meeting took place after the rejection of planning approval for a route through the centre of Balsall Common down the A452 and before the appeal against that decision to the Secretary of State by HS2 Ltd was heard by the planning inspector. Below are slides shown at that meeting and the minutes. These contain important information of the HS2/BBV approach on lorry routes, site access and key issues of the construction events/programme. They are based on HS2 Ltd original planning application that would provide for 200 HGVs each way through Balsall Common until the Hallmeadow Road route is operational.  This is currently the subject of a live planning appeal and an update will follow the appeal determination.  When reading construction programmes it is important that dates are subject to change and can, in particular, be impacted by adverse weather.

24 April 2023

24th April 2023 Meeting with BBV to discuss Community Event

Meeting notes and actions

Engagement slides

15th December 2021 – Planning Inspector decision on lorry route through Balsall Common/Kelsey Lane

The planning inspector rejected the appeal by HS2 Ltd against the refusal of planning permission for the use of Kelsey Lane (and hence central Balsall Common) as an HGV delivery route. The inspector accepted the logic of the Parish Council case that Kelsey Lane was too narrow and an alternative route existed. Consequently, HS2 Ltd will not be able to put 200 HGVs each way through Balsall Common/Kelsey Lane. They will be limited to 12 movements each way for each construction site/location as provided for in the HS2 Act. The Parish Council understands there are 6 such sites giving 72 vehicle movements each way or about 1/3rd of those requested in the planning application. The Inspector also makes comments on why Hallmeadow Road is suitable in planning terms for use by HS2 lorries. That route was given planning permission by Solihull Council earlier this year. Click here for the planning inspector full judgement.

HS2 Noise Assurance

HS2 Noise Assurance

HS2 Viaduct Design

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