The process set out by Solihull MBC for agreeing the naming/re-naming is summarised in the attached document.

One of the requirements is as follows:

Road naming proposals should include approval from the relevant Parish Council and Ward Members, a reason for the choice of name, a plan showing the street to which the name applies identifying property entrances, location of letterboxes and a list of relevant parties having an interest in the street with their agreement to the choice of name. In the absence of any of this information the application will not be processed. of roads.

Berkswell Parish Council has agreed the following approach for considering and approving applications:

* On receipt of a request the Clerk will advise the applicant in writing that it will be considered at the next scheduled meeting of the Council

* The Parish Council’s decision will be notified to the applicant within 5 working days of the meeting at which the application is considered.