The Berkswell windmill is a grade II* listed building of important historic cultural and engineering significance. In the event of housing being built off Windmill Lane (either side) the setting of the windmill could be negatively contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework. The windmill is still capable of operating and the parish council considered that any new development should not negatively impact the wind flow and operational aspect of the setting of the mill. Consequently, the PC commissioned Dutch experts Erfgoed Advies Groen to conduct a wind flow survey of the mill and make recommendations. In summary the report found that currently obstructions to the wind reduce the number of possible milling days (i.e. the days when the sails will turn with enough energy to grind grain) by 55% and recommend that any development be controlled in its height so that no further negative impact on wind flow will occur. Those recommendations provide maximum heights for new buildings at various distances from the mill up to a distance of 400 metres. This technical report has been submitted to Solihull Council as part of the evidence base for the review of the Solihull Local Plan. (Regrettably for confidentiality reasons including intellectual property rights the report cannot be published by the parish council)