NDP - Final Steps

NDP Last step – parish electors’ referendum

The NDP has passed its external examination. An updated version of the NDP with changes made during the examination can be found clicking here. The NDP now goes to a referendum of Berkswell Parish electors to be held on 18th July 2019. The ballot station will be in the Jordan Room. St John Baptist Church, Church Lane, Berkswell village as for normal elections. The postal vote system will apply as normal for those with a postal vote. Once passed by the referendum, the planning policies contained within the plan will used by SMBC planners and its planning committee when making judgements on planning applications.


The NDP will also provide an enhanced amount on the development levy (CIL) paid be developers of new housing. The amount will increase from 15% (capped) to 25% (uncapped) of the levy. That will pay for the local infrastructure such as recreational/sporting facilities necessary as our community grows. (Schools, sewers, roads etc are paid for by others)


The Berkswell NDP does not allow the development of new housing. Only the Solihull Plan will do that. By law a NDP cannot stop new housing either. Our NDP can only be about planning the developments, mitigating their impact on existing residents and making them attractive and function well for new residents.

Basic Conditions Statement Final 11 Oct 2018

Consultation Stetement Final 11 Oct 2018

Table 1 - SMBC 050918 Final

Table 2 Consultation Bodies Comments 050918 Final

Table 3 Resident's Comments 050918 Final

Table 4 Developers and Landowners Comments

Analysis of car versus household data from 2011 and other data

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Draft NDP for Regulation 14 consultation

Report on road blocking and paveent parking