NDP - Final Steps

The Council has completed its Regulation 14 consultation on its draft NDP. The Steering Committee have updated the draft NDP to take account of responses received and the Parish Council agreed to submit the NDP for external examination via our planning authority – Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. They are now conducting a further consultation, called a “Regulation 16” Consultation, which will end on 21st December 2018. Details of that consultation are to be found on the SMBC web site http://www.solihull.gov.uk/About-the-Council/Consultations/currentconsultations . The formal copy of the submission version of the NDP will be found on that web site and on this link http://www.solihull.gov.uk/Portals/0/Planning/BNDP/Submission-Draft-Neighbourhood-Development-Plan-for-Berkswell-Parish.pdf


The following documents relate to the Regulation 14 consultation, the responses received and evidence collected on car usage and parking to prepare the submission version of the NDP after the Regulation 14 consultation. The evidence used to prepare the Issues and Options consultation, the 1st draft plan and the Regulation 14 Consultation version of the draft NDP are shown in the other tabs on this NDP section of the council’s web site – to the right. That evidence includes reports on the various consultation exercises.

Basic Conditions Statement Final 11 Oct 2018

Consultation Stetement Final 11 Oct 2018

Table 1 - SMBC 050918 Final

Table 2 Consultation Bodies Comments 050918 Final

Table 3 Resident's Comments 050918 Final

Table 4 Developers and Landowners Comments

Analysis of car versus household data from 2011 and other data

Berkswell NDP Screening Report_dv1

Draft NDP for Regulation 14 consultation

Report on road blocking and paveent parking